Astadia Introduces Mainframe-to-Cloud Migration Platform

Astadia has announced its Migration Factory to automate the assessment and transformation of mainframe applications and databases, with the goal of more rapidly moving these applications to any of the popular cloud platforms. The combination of Astadia’s replatforming and refactoring capabilities offers a complete mainframe migration roadmap, the company says.

Astadia says it now offers all the solution sets required to help organizations migrate from any IBM Z Series or Unisys ClearPath environment to the cloud platform of their choice. Support for the Oracle, AWS, Azure, Google, and IBM cloud platforms is available. This includes transforming legacy programming languages to C# or Java, and transforming mainframe databases to a SQL-based RDBMS product, according to the company.

“The Migration Factory is a next-generation capability, automating the assessment and transformation of mainframe-based applications and databases. This capability has been proven to reduce migration time, and improve software quality, while reducing the cost to migrate and operate on a cloud-based platform,” said Scott G. Silk, chairman and CEO of Astadia.

According to Silk, clients and partners can access the Migration Factor directly because it is a cloud-based utility. It is also available to license and operate on-premise by Astadia clients and partners as a standalone service.

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