Aster Data and Tableau Software Partner to Deliver Big Data Analytics and Data Visualization Solutions

Aster Data, a vendor in big data management and advanced analytics, and Tableau Software, a business intelligence software provider, are partnering to offer a new integrated solution for big data management and advanced reporting and data visualization.

Aster Data nCluster 4.6, a massively parallel processing (MPP) analytic database with an integrated analytics engine, offers a unified SQL and SQL-MapReduce analytical framework on a hybrid row and column DBMS that enables advanced reporting and analytics on large data volumes and diverse data types. Tableau 6.0 enables everyone-from enterprises to enterprising individuals-to rapidly access and analyze all their data for smarter and faster business decisions.

Tableau has added a native connection to Aster Data, allowing customers to connect directly to their data within Aster Data nCluster. Virtually any authorized user can access the data and run desired queries and reports easily. Interactive reports and visualizations can be shared with anyone using a browser, allowing for greater collaboration and efficiencies.

The combined solution brings together big data management, rich MapReduce-powered analytics, and advanced data visualizations for both structured and non-relational data.

The relationship with Tableau is significant because it allows Aster Data to go beyond the SQL-savvy analyst to let any user in the enterprise who can use a visualization application to drag and drop their requirements for queries and have the power of advanced analytics and big data performing behind the user interface, Stephanie McReynolds, director of product marketing at Aster Data.

The solution will enable big data visual analytic exploration that incorporates both standard reporting techniques as well as advanced analytics, including techniques for customer behavior analysis, path and pattern analysis, marketing attribution, graph analysis, fraud prevention, and risk analysis. "This really opens up the front office worker as an audience for Aster Data technology and the combination of Aster Data and Tableau is what makes that possible. Anyone who knows how to use a website now can get access to big data analytics and the power of SQL MapReduce," says McReynolds.

The two companies are co-selling the solution, says McReynolds. For more information on Aster Data, go here. For more information about Tableau, go here.