Astera Adds Product Enhancements

Astera has announced Centerprise 8.2, which includes enhancements in connectivity and ease-of-use to simplify data integration for enterprise users. Included with Centerprise 8.2 is a new version of ReportMiner.

With this release, the company is launching the beta version of the REST API Browser. According to the company, the REST API Browser facilitates easy data retrieval and manipulation from diverse source systems, enabling the creation of a well-connected data eco-system. Users can consume swagger-compliant APIs by importing a file or entering the URL and making HTTP calls through the REST API Browser. The call object can be integrated with the flow simply by dragging-and-dropping from the Browser onto the designer. Currently, Astera Centerprise supports PUT, GET, POST, PATCH, and DELETE HTTP request methods.

The latest version of Astera Centerprise also includes the Language Parser functionality in the Expression transformation object. It allows users to standardize data by using advanced expressions, such as interpolated string and verbatim, on a certain dataset.

A key step in using Astera Centerprise is creating a repository, which stores information regarding job queues, job logs, and schedules. In Centerprise 8.2, users can leverage open source PostgreSQL to create a cluster database, in addition to SQL Server.

Packaged with Centerprise 8.2, the latest release of ReportMiner comes with a new and improved UI. This rollout offers improved customer experience with its enhanced user-friendliness, intuitive GUI, and smooth navigation. Moreover, it simplifies user interaction when modifying report models, enabling code-free data extraction in an easy-to-use environment.

The software is centered around empowering business users to handle the data extraction process from start to finish with minimal IT intervention. The new UI is a step forward in that direction!

This release also includes additional new features and enhancements that add to the functionality of ReportMiner. For more information, go to