Astera Software Offers New Alliance Partner Program

Astera Software, a developer of data integration solutions for small and large enterprises, has introduced a new alliance partner program that offers customers complete solutions to their complex data issues. Astera seeks to collaborate with OEM partners and work with resellers and system integrators to bring Astera-enabled data integration and management solutions to market more quickly, easily and with greater impact.

The Astera Alliance Program allows partners to offer customers solutions to their complex data integration and management issues by using Astera’s industry expertise and enterprise-grade integration products. “When it comes to solutions for complex data challenges we want to be one of the options,” said Jay Mishra, vice president of software development and alliance program manager, Astera.

The program is also designed to help Astera partners by providing demonstrations, training and support on their products and Astera software. “Our goal is to get to the point where we have reliable partners in all different verticals,” said Mishra. “From a Microsoft .NET perspective, they don’t need to reinvent the wheel, they don’t need to create a solution that can do data integration, data quality, data cleansing. We provide that as an embeddable engine that our partners can leverage.”

Based on the amount of Astera product that has been sold in one year, partners can be classified as silver, gold or platinum. Benefits such as a complimentary three-day product training and certification course, access to Astera customer training and consulting course, access to Astera documentation and knowledge base, and free and discounted licenses for in-house and resale, are given to their partners.

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