Astronomer Eases Operations and Enhances Security with Latest Platform Update

Astronomer, the leader in modern data orchestration, is debuting the latest iteration of the Astro platform which enhances the data pipeline journey through improvements to security, connectivity, and holistic data usage. This release consists of four key capabilities: the Connection Management system, Deployment Rollbacks, Upgrade Utilities, and Scale-to-Zero Development Deployments.

Astro’s update is designed to help its users overcome the most common data challenges plaguing enterprises today, such as the expansive distribution, complexity, and volume of data, as well as the security and efficiency challenges associated with that.

Connection Management serves as the “cornerstone” of this release, transforming the processes of securing credentials to crucial data services, according to Astronomer. This system is an Astro-native, managed secrets backend which streamlines connection setup for various operational, security, and efficiency boons.

Additionally, Connection Management employs a user-friendly inheritance model that secures the sharing of connection throughout deployments. Not only does this expedite the onboarding process, it reduces setup time as well as increases agility and security, according to the vendor.

Astronomer’s Astro update ensures that users can upgrade Airflow environments seamlessly with the Deployment Rollback feature. This capability is designed to be paired with Upgrade Utilities, a capability that proactively tests for compatibility issues. Together, these new features ensure that business remains online, underpinned by continuous and secure data operations.

"During an Airflow upgrade at Zepz, we were able to easily revert when conflicts arose," said Jafar Amin, senior data engineer at Zepz. "Knowing that we can easily revert has given us more confidence to upgrade Airflow."

Scale-to-Zero Development Deployments is a resource management tool that helps enterprises optimize their operational costs. Once the user specifies a timeframe, all Development Deployment assets are scaled down to zero—including Airflow system components to scheduler to workers. At zero cost, organizations can scale down during non-peak periods to reduce unnecessary resource waste.

"As the data landscape becomes increasingly dynamic, data teams rely on data pipelines to ultimately materialize and deliver data assets on time––a critical piece of effective AI and LLM strategy," said Pete DeJoy, senior vice president of product at Astronomer. "Today's platform updates, including connection management, rollbacks, and scale-to-zero environments enable teams to unlock the power or Airflow with improved developer productivity, security, and cost efficiency."

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