Astronomer Streamlines Enterprise Data Orchestration with Updates to Astro

Astronomer, a leader in modern data orchestration, is releasing the latest version of the Astro platform with new features designed to allow users to accelerate innovation while achieving the highest levels of governance and compliance.

Astro, Astronomer's Airflow as a service platform, now enables data-first organizations to extend cost savings, seamlessly scale data operations, and simplify data workflow management across their dynamic data platforms with capabilities such as:

  • Governance at Scale: Reporting Dashboards provide comprehensive insights into platform usage, performance, and cost attribution for informed decision making, while ensuring adherence to SLAs and compliance standards. This is particularly beneficial for managing multiple Airflow instances across various teams.
  • Enhanced Security: Custom Deployment Roles enable teams to configure more granular access controls to environments managed by Astro, ensuring that the right people have access to the functions they need while limiting access to sensitive data and resources.
  • Accelerated Development Cycles: GitHub Integration streamlines the process of code deployment while enforcing best practices and providing visibility into GitHub approval workflows directly within the Astro UI. This accelerates time-to-value on Astro and promotes more efficient and secure software processes for data engineers.

"Reliable data orchestration is critical to enabling informed decision-making, driving day-to-day business operations, and powering user-facing experiences" said Pete DeJoy, SVP of product at Astronomer. "By offering these new features to our Astro customers, we're helping them control costs while scaling the data workflows crucial to fueling modern data analytics, AI/ML tools, and much more. Our Astro API and Dashboard features increase data productivity to help give time back to data teams and allow them to focus on the tasks that will drive their organization's capacity for innovation."

According to the company, this latest release will enable organizations to deploy faster, exercise greater operational efficiency, better address modern business requirements, and realize additional growth potential.

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