AtScale Introduces Improvements for Hadoop Data Analytics

AtScale, a company specializing in connecting business users to their data in Hadoop, is releasing a new version of its platform, introducing a new tool that will enhance performance of big data on Hadoop.

AtScale Intelligence Platform version 3.0 establishes a new way to access live interactive queries with an adaptive cache that produces aggregates based on atomic data landing on Hadoop, while their engine accesses those aggregates,  so users will get one or two second query times using their BI tools. “We’ve made a lot of improvements in our version 3.0 to make our adaptive cache even smarter,” said Dave Mariani, AtScale CEO. “We’re constantly tuning those aggregates, combing them, splitting them, flushing them and constantly updating them with new data as it arrives on the Hadoop cluster.”

AtScale manages performance through this adaptive cache, Mariani explained. “Our approach is that we are not going to move data off the Hadoop cluster, once it lands there it stays there and then we query that data in place without having to copy or load it into another database or database format,” Mariani said. “By doing this we remove all that friction of moving, copying, and transforming data, which provides our customer with so much more agility.”

Additionally, version 3.0 enhances security for Hadoop and BI tools, allowing support and compatibility for a variety of security toolsets along with introducing authentication integration.

“As AtScale gets deployed an enterprise doesn’t have to worry about separate security or authentication protocols,” said Mariani. Information workers or anyone that has Excel on their computer will benefit from the 3.0 release, according to Mariani. “By us bringing the data to the BI tools, to the BI user, we can have a much bigger effect on the enterprise,” said Mariani.

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