AtScale Introduces New Platform for Hadoop Data Analysis

AtScale, Inc. has introduced a platform that will enable interactive, multi-dimensional analysis on Hadoop, directly from standard business intelligence tools such as Microsoft Excel, Tableau Software or QlikView.

Dubbed the “AtScale Intelligence Platform,” the new offering provides a Hadoop-native analysis server that allows users to analyze big data at full scale and top speed, while leveraging the existing BI tools they already own.

"We created AtScale to put an end to the frustration business users have had with Hadoop and to empower IT with a managed and governed platform for BI on big data," said Dave Mariani, founder and CEO of AtScale.

According to AtScale, people want to be able to analyze more data in real-time and analyze it in the tools they are familiar with. To enable this, the company contends, the new platform lets business users tap into Hadoop in real-time, directly and securely. In addition, AtScale will let traditional BI tools "talk" Hadoop. AtScale will operate in-cluster and requires no data movement. The platform removes the need for complex data movement, the cost of managing multiple data copies or time-consuming ETL work.

Turning Hadoop into an enterprise-grade, scale-out OLAP Server, the platform provides interactive analysis performance and ensures optimal query throughput on Hadoop. With AtScale, IT does not have to set up data marts to provide secure data access to enterprise data lakes. AtScale lets administrators provide managed self-service BI centrally and directly on cluster.

 AtScale supports major Hadoop distributions.

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