AtScale Introduces New Round of Updates for its Flagship Platform

AtScale, the data warehouse virtualization company, is releasing AtScale 2019.1, featuring updates such as native multi-dimensional support for Microsoft Power BI, data warehouse platform support for Teradata and PostgreSQL, and more.

“There is incredible momentum behind AtScale and our approach to enterprise data warehouse modernization,” said Chris Lynch, Executive Chairman, and CEO, AtScale. “Our continuous innovation is unrivaled and is squarely aimed at empowering the Global 2000 to boldly modernize their architectures and future-proof their investments while gaining a single view of analytical data via any business intelligence or artificial intelligence application.”

Following recent innovations announced in Q1 2019, including AtScale’s integration with Snowflake’s cloud-built data warehouse, AtScale 2019.1 further enables enterprises to modernize operational analytics and business intelligence data across on-premise, hybrid-cloud, and multi-cloud deployments.

Major capabilities available through AtScale 2019.1 include:

  • Full MDX and multidimensional support beyond SQL through an updated live connection to Microsoft Power BI.
  • Enables live connectivity for data stored in Snowflake and Google BigQuery, without data teams having to move, extract or copy data, through new, secure, governed data access for Microsoft Excel.
  • Allows enterprise teams and partners to easily add support for new data platforms and extend coverage for native platform capabilities.
  • Enables global enterprises and big box retailers to seamlessly migrate their analytical workloads to the cloud and take advantage of new cloud database technologies, such as Snowflake and Google BigQuery.
  • Reflects support for OpenJDK 11.0.2 with increased functionality and performance.

Through its full OLAP functionality, AtScale 2019.1 introduces dramatically improved query performance and model administration for the largest scale data sets, including:

  • Enhanced time-series analysis with wide table planning.
  • Updates to AtScale’s Design Center for cube users, and new canvas management panel for version management.
  • Additional support for decimal and numeric data types: AtScale users can now perform complex queries with user-defined precision, and scale them up seamlessly.

Building on its best-in-class approach to securing data at rest and in flight, AtScale extends its enterprise identity support with SAML 2.0. Now, in addition to Active Directory and LDAP, enterprise teams can easily extend AtScale’s TrueDelegation capabilities into their federated identity infrastructure of choice in cloud, hybrid-cloud and on-premise implementations with SAML 2.0. 

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