AtScale Provides New Datasets for Gleaning Insights from Geospatial Data

AtScale, a provider of intelligent data virtualization solutions, is adding new datasets and business intelligence (BI) dashboards to the AtScale Data Insights Marketplace, empowering users with up-to-date data on COVID-19.

The latest analysis-ready datasets from SafeGraph, FiveThirtyEight, the Federal Election Commission, and The New York Times, along with new pre-built dashboard workbooks for Tableau, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft Power BI are now available at

The new datasets include points-of-interest (POI) data, demographic data, campaign finance data, in addition to public economic indicators, and other geospatial data.

The expanded AtScale Data Insights Marketplace will help data/BI professionals and other business users quickly derive the insights they need to drive business continuity and build a data-driven strategy for future success, without the need for data engineering or data prep.

With the latest datasets, the AtScale Data Insights Marketplace enables organizations to uncover insights into the following questions:

  • Have surges in new COVID-19 cases changed people's behavior? Is this different across states?
  • When will airports be busy again? Are travelers opting for alternative options to planes and public transit?
  • How is the restaurant industry recovering?
  • Which industries have seen the largest reduction in employment? Which age groups are being affected? Have men been impacted differently than women?
  • How is the COVID-19 pandemic shaping the state of the upcoming U.S. presidential election?

The AtScale Data Insights Marketplace leverages Cloud OLAP to help BI professionals perform multidimensional analysis on diverse datasets without the need for data prep or data engineering.

Through pre-built Tableau, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft PowerBI workbooks, AtScale provides built-in dimensions and measures to help data analysts perform ad-hoc analysis and derive immediate insights from the free data models in the marketplace.

“Our overall goal with providing AtScale Data Insights Marketplace at no cost to BI professionals is to help them make better business decisions in today’s challenging environment,” said Christopher Lynch, executive chairman and CEO, AtScale. “There’s more data now than ever before, but without one central repository for information, organizations haven’t been able to leverage the data for BI. The AtScale Data Insights Marketplace is solving that issue and providing amazing insights into the nature of travel, how workers are returning (or not) to the workplace, and the impact of reopening restaurants on our communities.”

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