AtScale Releases Improved Version of its Platform

AtScale is releasing 5.0 of its signature platform, introducing new features such as a dimensional calculation engine, a machine learning performance optimizer, a universal data abstraction layer, and enterprise-grade security, governance and metadata management capabilities.

“We provide three things: speed, so you can have guaranteed response time; scale, meaning now you can analyze any data type or volume; and security which is important for enterprise dealing with multiple user and data types,” said Bruno Aziza, Chief Marketing Officer at AtScale.

The Universal Semantic Platform is composed of 4 key components that include a multi-dimensional calculation engine, a performance optimization engine powered by machine learning , a data Abstraction Layer, and enterprise-grade security, governance and metadata management.

As IT leaders wrangle with a proliferation of data platforms, the move to the Cloud and an exploding range of BI tools, a universal semantic layer like AtScale’s is essential, according to the company.

“We’re starting to redefine what business intelligence is,” Aziza said.

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