AtScale Updates Platform to Enable BI on Hadoop and Big Data, On Premise and in the Cloud

AtScale, which provides a self-service BI platform for big data, has announced an expansion of its services. With this announcement, the company says it is introducing a BI platform that enables businesses to work seamlessly across all of big data, on premise and in the cloud.  In addition to Hadoop, AtScale has announced preview availability of support for data stored in Teradata, Google Dataproc and BigQuery, expanding on the company’s existing support for Microsoft Azure and HDInsight.

According to AtScale, when considering a modern BI platform, enterprises should take an inventory of the various visualization tools they own and that most successful enterprises enable employees to draw insights from within the tools they already own, use and love. In addition, most successful enterprises do not move data around, and instead use a Universal Semantic Layer like AtScale’s to define business logic centrally, regardless what BI tools people use, regardless of whether the data is in Hadoop, not in Hadoop, on-premises or in the cloud. Additionally, the company contends, when it comes to insights for employees, speed matters and any query returning in more than 60 seconds is not interactive. 

Rather than requiring IT departments to move disparate data into one centralized data warehouse or data marts, AtScale says its solution can apply its semantic model across big data, without data movement — whether it’s in Hadoop or not, and whether it’s on-premises or in the cloud — meaning that it brings business users to the data rather than moving data into proprietary, purpose-built silos.   

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