Aternity and Unisys Team Up to Enhance Clients' End User Experience Management

Aternity Inc., a provider of end user experience management solutions, has announced that Aternity and Unisys Corporation have taken a further step in the collaboration that enables Unisys to integrate Aternity's Frontline Performance Intelligence (FPI) Platform into its managed end-user services solutions.

The expanded agreement will enable Unisys to provide tailored options for managed-service solutions based on Aternity's FPI Platform. Through these solutions Unisys can manage performance of applications used by clients' employees.

In addition to the option to monitor all of an organization's desktops/laptops to make sure that they are delivering fast, consistent performance for end users, Unisys will offer other Aternity-enabled solutions tailored to specific sets of client-defined business applications that run in physical or virtual environments.

"One of the big challenges in the outsourcing market or even in the virtual desktop market is how do you truly understand the performance that users are getting in these environments and without real end-user experience monitoring, it is impossible to provide that level of data. That is what our technology enables global IT outsourcers like Unisys to achieve," Trevor Matz, president and CEO of Aternity, tells 5 Minute Briefing.

Aternity's FPI Platform is an end user experience management solution that continuously monitors three key areas - application performance, device performance, and user productivity. By proactively targeting potential issues Aternity's FPI Platform helps IT managers optimize application and end user performance. Aternity helps to ensure optimal performance for business applications. By monitoring the performance of every desktop - physical or virtual - Aternity's FPI Platform increases user productivity and eliminates business disruptions.

"End user experience monitoring is critical in outsourced environments for both the outsourcer and the customer," says Matz, explaining that the visibility into how the user is experiencing the application can support proactive problem detection, enable faster remediation of problems, and provide insight into how potential changes in the infrastructure may impact the end user productivity.  "What we allow partners like Unisys to do is leverage this technology to really provide the empirical evidence about how customers are experiencing the IT solution."