Atlantis Computing Releases In-Memory Software-Defined Storage Solution

Atlantis Computing has introduced the ILIO USX (Unified Software-defined Storage) solution built for virtualized server workloads such as databases, mail, collaboration, big data and any line of business application.

With ILIO USX, Atlantis has applied its optimization technology and in-memory technology to the concept of software-defined storage, which is the ability to combine and pool existing data center storage - whether it is SAN, NAS, or DAS to the server - into a single pool of highly optimized resources that are defined in software as opposed to buying a storage array in hardware, explained Seth Knox, vice president of products at Atlantis Computing.

The new ILIO USX solution allows organizations to optimize all of their existing infrastructures in the environment, and put up to five times more virtual machines on their existing storage, resulting in more capacity with the hardware they already have. “It is similar to what happened in the server virtualization space. Before server virtualization and VMware the number of servers per physical server was one and then it went to five to 10 on average so they are able to run more on each individual unit of hardware,” said Knox.

And, because the software allows customers to unify all classes of storage, delivering services such as HA, data protection, inline deduplication, compression and thin provisioning. Instead of buying expensive specialized storage to meet application SLAs, customers can instantly create the optimal type of storage characteristics for the desired application - using software, the company says.

Most customers, Knox noted, “are increasing the amount of storage they have to buy by about 40% per year - meaning that every two years they are doubling the amount of storage they have in their data centers which is becoming an unsustainable pace both from a cost perspective and from a management perspective.”

As Atlantis enters the server virtualization market in the software-defined storage category, the vendor already has a very large customer base with 440 customers as of this last quarter with over 500,000 underlying virtual desktops supported on that product line.  “We have some of the largest desktop virtualization deployments in the world. JP Morgan Chase is deployed with 100,000 users running on the Atlantis ILIO software.”

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