Aton Announces Terminal Emulation for Windows Mobile Phones

Aton International, Inc., a mobile applications and embedded systems vendor, announced the release of a mobile application that provides data center administrators, system administrators and IT professionals a way to access data center servers such as System z and initiate mainframe modernization projects.

Aton Connect for 3270 and 5250 accesses corporate data from IBM System z (mainframes using TN3270) and IBM System i (AS/400 using TN5250) servers. The mobile app works with a company's existing infrastructure to provide remote access to enterprise servers from a Windows Phone using time-tested terminal emulation secured with SSL or VPNs.

The tiny software client displays mainframe "green screens" on the users' touch screen phone just like terminal emulation applications on the user's notebook or desktop.

Ease of use features include portrait or landscape full screen mode, full terminal emulation soft keyboard on the touch screen, the ability to record macros, programmable keys to save time on input and "on the fly" session switching which allow the user to access the host server and corporate intranet or the Internet without having to exit the enterprise server session. An incoming phone call will send the user's data session to the background where it is easily retrieved once the phone call is over.

This latest version of Aton Connect for 3270 and 5250 works on phones with touch screens that use the Windows Mobile operating system such as HTC TouchPro II, Samsung Omnia II, HTC Pure, LG eXpo and many more.

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