Attachmate Achieves CUPPS Certification

Attachmate Corporation has achieved Common Use Passenger Processing Systems (CUPPS) certification for its INFOConnect Enterprise Edition for Airlines Print and Transaction Router (PTR32) solutions. The certification addresses a need among airlines that are working to migrate their technology to the CUPPS platform, gradually replacing the Common Use Terminal Equipment (CUTE), which is the current check-in and boarding standard. Attachmate is one of the first application vendors to receive this certification.

Attachmate INFOConnect Enterprise Edition for Airlines Print and Transaction Router (PTR32) is a flexible print delivery software solution designed for multi-device airline and travel industry networks, and provides a new interface that complements the CUPPS platform. PTR32 can be used to print data such as boarding passes, luggage tags and tickets from virtually any source to any peripheral device providing functionality previously provided solely on specialized terminals.

"What CUPPS does for an airline is make the applications that are used by the agent in the airport to book a ticket, or print a bag tag, or print a boarding pass portable from one airport to another," Barbara Ballard, product manager for the Unisys and Airlines Products for Attachmate, tells 5 Minute Briefing. "Today, they are not, and that is the cost benefit to an airline. By moving to a CUPPS platform they are able to save millions and millions of dollars because they don't have to adapt to each given airport's platform," she explains. "We knew our customers had to move to this technology and we wanted to be able to proactively assist them in moving there."

Attachmate customer Continental Airlines recently reached a milestone by becoming the first U.S. airline to become CUPPS certified, according to Robert Sloan, senior manager of common use technology for Continental Airlines. "Attachmate is our vendor of choice for its proven terminal emulation and printing solutions, which helped us easily migrate to the CUPPS platform."

PTR32 complements Attachmate INFOConnect Enterprise Edition 9.0 which modernizes existing mainframe applications out of the box by improving information flow, enhancing user productivity and lowering total cost of ownership.

"Attachmate remains committed to helping our airline customers migrate effortlessly to the CUPPS platform and we are thrilled to be one of the first application vendors to achieve the prestigious CUPPS certification status," notes Ballard. "We will continue to invest significant resources into developing standards driven, reliable solutions created specifically for the airline and travel industry."

For more information on INFOConnect Enterprise Edition for Airlines Print and Transaction Router 32, go here.