Attachmate Introduces Enhanced Fraud Management Solution

Attachmate Corporation announced the availability of Attachmate Luminet 4.2, an enterprise fraud management solution that helps thwart insider fraud and abuse. Luminet's ability to reveal user activity across enterprise applications and score risk in real-time to flag questionable activity patterns helps transform data into actionable intelligence.

The latest Luminet version offers the option of a new Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) 140-2 validated cryptographic module to conform to certain federal government requirements. The FIPS module is critical for federal government installations for making sure that they are meeting FIPS requirements, and allows Attachmate to add to the product's specific vertical appeal," Christine Meyers, senior product marketing manager for Attachmate Luminet, tells 5 Minute Briefing. The federal government represents an important user segment, Meyers notes. "We are going to continue that pattern of developing products with specific vertical expertise that Attachmate Luminet will be bringing to the market," says Meyers. This is the first salvo aimed in that direction.

Additional product enhancements include improvements to the Investigation Center, Case Manager as well as the dashboard and fraud analytics features, to help organizations protect the privacy of mission-critical data, simplify the audit process and achieve regulatory compliance. The Investigation Center and Case Manager provide the work environment to allow organizations to thread the incidents that they are gathering forensic information about, and puts that in a safe, secure encrypted area so the data is preserved if they need to either take personnel action or go to court, Meyers explains.

According to Attachmate, many of the solutions available today focus on first generation techniques for protecting or aggregating data at a high level, and not at the application layer where the data is at greatest risk. With this traditional approach, organizations are often forced to address threats reactively, long after a breach has occurred. Luminet's next-generation approach, the vendor says, helps to identify risks and activities early in the fraud cycle, allowing organizations address threats before they even occur. Luminet 4.2 also enhances audit preparation and compliance efforts.

While most organizations invest in robust security technologies to protect themselves from external attacks, many still struggle to address more challenging threats from within. As insider fraud becomes increasingly sophisticated and industry and government regulations more demanding, organizations need help protecting sensitive data and identifying actionable evidence of employee abuse.

In addition to the FIPS module and enhanced Investigation Center and Case Manager, Luminet 4.2 includes automated escalations and alerting for a more rapid response to potential fraud; user activity scoring feature to help eliminate false positives; improved custom reporting and off-hours scheduling help support investigations, audits and compliance efforts.

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