Attachmate Partners with Mercator to Secure Legacy Host Applications

Attachmate Corporation has formed a partnership with Mercator, the IT division of the Emirates Group, to provide host application security using Attachmate Reflection for the Web 2008 Airlines Edition. Reflection for the Web Airlines Edition allows an airline to securely access host applications and protect sensitive reservation and passenger data.

Reflection for the Web 2008 Airlines Edition is a terminal emulation software solution that connects browser users to applications on and Unisys and IBM TPF, ALCS systems commonly used in the airline and travel industries, as well as IBM 3270, IBM 5250 and HP hosts. With strong authentication and encryption capabilities, Reflection for the Web Airlines Edition assists airlines in delivering fully functioning host applications across the public Internet in a more secure manner.

"Attachmate has a long history of providing our customers in the airline industry with powerful host application solutions that enable them to pull crucial legacy hosts into a modern, multi-layered security architecture and helps secure sensitive information," says Barbara Ballard, product manager for Attachmate. "We're thrilled to be partnering with Mercator to help them provide the highest level of security for their mission-critical data."

Based in Dubai, Mercator is one of the leading IT organizations serving numerous airline customers in the Middle East, Asia and Africa. Mercator was looking for an alternative to its existing application, which provides access to its mainframe-based hosted reservation and check-in solutions. Mercator wanted a flexible solution that could easily adapt to the changing business needs while at the same time providing proven host application security and rich customization features to its various airline customers.

"As we evaluated alternative solutions, it was important that we selected a partner that could not only help us leverage our existing infrastructure, but also deliver fully functioning host applications via the Internet to ensure we were maximizing our ability to secure sensitive passenger data for our esteemed customers," states Raajeswaran M, program manager, for Mercator. "We selected Attachmate based on the company's deep knowledge of airlines' IT environments and technologies as well as its multi-layered approach to legacy host application security." 

Mercator expects to expand its partnership with Attachmate to deploy Attachmate INFOConnect Enterprise Edition for Airlines and Attachmate INFOConnect Print and Transaction Router, which will help it to migrate to the CUPPS platform, a new standard systems platform for agent-facing, common-use implementations at airports currently being developed by the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

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