Attachmate Ramps Up Terminal Emulation Security

To help address the problem of integrating host systems with modern security infrastructure, Attachmate Corporation has launched Attachmate Reflection Security Gateway 2014, a new software product. Reflection Security Gateway leverages mature, proven and patented technology to extend an enterprise’s authentication and identity management investments to their access controls for host systems.

“Until now, nobody has effectively solved the problem of extending modern access control technologies, such as enterprise identity management and strong authentication, to host application access,” said Sam Morris, director of product marketing and product management at Attachmate. Reflection Security Gateway represents a hybrid of management and security capabilities intended to address those issues, he continued.

In addition to its access control capabilities, Reflection Security Gateway provides capabilities that assist IT desktop managers in their efforts to manage and maintain their terminal emulation environment. As more IT desktop and security managers face migrations from the Windows XP operating system, new technologies that drive down the cost of those migrations, both during and after, are critical. In particular, for enterprises with broad deployments of terminal emulation clients, Reflection Security Gateway is changing how organizations manage and secure their host access environments while realizing greater ROI on their host access and modern security investments.

Reflection Security Gateway 2014 enables Attachmate’s terminal emulation customers to reduce risk by extending enterprise identity management technologies to host application access, as well as reduce the cost of managing the terminal emulation software that sits on hundreds or even thousands of desktops in the enterprise.

It also enables companies to improve the efficiency of migrations from the Windows XP operating system by making it easy to push terminal emulation configurations to multiple desktops.

“Many organizations and IT departments are facing disruption and cost implications with the end of life of the Windows XP operating system and need to migrate their terminal emulation clients to the new desktop platform,” said Morris. “These organizations are looking for ways to make their new desktop environment easier and less costly to manage. By centralizing the management of terminal emulation configurations and integrating with the enterprise user directory, Reflection Security Gateway gives desktop managers a more efficient way to deliver host sessions to user desktops. This results in a lower TCO for their new desktops. It is truly powerful.”

Reflection Security Gateway provides IT security managers with access control capabilities that extend enterprise identity management and authentication technologies to host access in combination with session-level access control enforcement. The top security management features include centralized identity management, which requires a user to first authenticate to Reflection Security Gateway before accessing a host; along with centralized access control, whereby Reflection Security Gateway verifies that the administrator has granted a user access to the host session before allowing the session.

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