Attachmate Ships New Terminal Emulation Software

Attachmate Corporation announced the release of Attachmate Reflection 2014, a new version of its terminal emulation software. Reflection 2014 provides enterprise customers with support for advanced security protocols and the Windows 8.1 operating system, as well as features that make it easier to access legacy applications from mobile devices.

Attachmate has been delivering back-end connectivity “from the early days of MS-DOS to now Windows 8.1,” said Eric Varness, vice president, product management and marketing, at Attachmate. “As enterprises shift to a more mobile workforce and BYOD/BYOA becomes the rule rather than the exception, our customers can be assured that our products will evolve along with their ever-changing needs.”

Along with support for Windows 8.1, the latest release of Reflection also includes an additional feature, TouchUx, designed to optimize user experience when accessing host applications running in a Citrix XenApp environment from mobile devices. TouchUx provides terminal emulation while improving usability with host applications when accessed from smartphone and tablet form-factors. It also enables easier data entry with touch keyboards.

Another new feature, SmartUx, provides tools for modernizing IBM host applications. The tool helps enable developers leverage a new set of programming interfaces to highlight fields and overlay controls on legacy IBM host applications.

Reflection 2014 also includes secure token authorization functionality from Attachmate’s Reflection Security Gateway 2014 to enable end-to-end encryption, centralized identity management and access control. This allows companies to leverage their existing enterprise identity management infrastructure.

Reflection 2014 also includes new support for Java 7, Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol version 1.2 and SHA-256 digital signatures.

For more information on Reflection 2014, visit the Attachmate website.