Attachmate Ships Updated File Transfer Offerings

Attachmate Corporation announced the availability of the latest version of Attachmate FileXpress, a family of products for the managed file transfer software market. FileXpress 7.0 is intended to simplify the task of securing file exchanges with business partners and customers by extending managed file transfer capabilities to Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 and providing enhanced automation and auditing features. The latest version of FileXpress includes enhanced support for stringent data security regulations through encryption, authentication, auditing and role-based administration functionalities for B2B data exchanges between partners, vendors, suppliers and customers.

FileXpress 7.0 delivers secure file exchanges over the internet, while helping companies avoid the common practice of storing sensitive files in the demilitarized zone (DMZ) boundary between the corporate network and the internet. Attachmate offers an architecture that streams files through the DMZ versus a store-and-forward approach, and provides auditing and clarity in what file transfer is occurring, Sam Morris, product marketing manager for Attachmate tells 5 Minute Briefing. In addition, the product is designed to "integrate with existing architectures and make that easier," he adds, pointing to support for Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 as a key addition.

FileXpress also helps manage and troubleshoot both internal and external file transfers through centralized logging with improved search capabilities, new server status alerts that notify when outages occur, as well as more detailed SMTP messages for faster error determination and issue resolution. If it is determined that an FTP server is no longer available, "We will actually generate an alert to an administrator to let them know," Morris explains. Such alerts may come to administrators well before a file transfer that tries to move a file to or from that down system occurs, notes Morris, so they are not also finding out that a server is down by the time they find out a file transfer failed.

FileXpress 7.0 also integrates more easily with existing user registry architectures through new capabilities that support the use of a local user account database for external contacts while simultaneously leveraging an existing LDAP user registry for internal users.

For more details about the FileXpress family of products, go here.