Attachmate Simplifies Customizing Data Resources and Automating Client Processes with DATABridge 6.1

Attachmate Corporation yesterday announced the availability of Attachmate DATABridge version 6.1, the latest release of its comprehensive extract, transform, and load (ETL) solution for securely integrating Unisys MCP DMSII and non-DMSII data to a secondary system. DATABridge 6.1 includes significant enhancements to simplify the process of customizing data sources and automating client processes.

"DATABridge 6.1 is the only true ETL solution for DMSII that offers a safe, secure way to incorporate mission-critical DMSII data into the existing business platforms for improved analysis and decision support," states Barbara Ballard, product marketing manager for Attachmate. "Most business intelligence tools only support relational databases, creating challenges for organizations leveraging the Unisys MCP platform. With DATABridge 6.1, Attachmate remains committed to providing its Unisys customers with world class solutions that address technology needs specific to the Unisys mainframe."

DATABridge 6.1 makes business information readily accessible for the purpose of analyzing and processing. With DATABridge, production DMSII data can easily be integrated within a relational database such as Oracle, DB2, or Microsoft SQL Server - or another DMSII database located on an entirely different Unisys host system. DATABridge fits seamlessly into existing infrastructures, giving organizations the ability to gain powerful insight into the key performance indicators that drive their business.

Attachmate DATABridge 6.1 offers comprehensive ETL technology with additional features and functionalities. With DATABridge 6.1, users can quickly and easily customize data sources and table layout of relational databases. It eliminates the need to manually create SQL user scripts and configuration files.

In DATABridge 6.1, DMSII reorganization handling code has been enhanced to recognize item count changes in addition to format level changes, helping organizations distinguish between a true DMSII reorganization and a Support Library recompile caused by changes to the DBGenFormat control file.

The latest version of DATABridge now supports 64-bit operating systems to provide organizations with more processing options.

DATABridge 6.1 is available for purchase immediately. To evaluate DATABridge 6.1, go here.