Attachmate Solutions Achieve 'Compatible with Microsoft Windows 7' Logo

Attachmate Corporation announced that Attachmate INFOConnect as well as the Attachmate Reflection 2008 and Attachmate EXTRA! solutions have received the "Compatible with Microsoft Windows 7" logo. This certification enables Attachmate to offer its customers a seamless, easy-to-manage IT environment, robust desktop security features and enhanced end-user productivity.

"We worked very closely with Microsoft to get our solutions the ‘Compatible with Microsoft Windows 7' logo," Kris Lall, product marketing manager of Attachmate, tells 5 Minute Briefing. It is extremely important for Attachmate's customers as their network infrastructure evolves that Attachmate supports them going forward. Windows is an important component of network infrastructure going forward, explains Lall. "We try to support the latest platforms with all of our products no matter what they are but Windows 7 is one of the main platforms that is key our customers' networks and running their business-critical applications."

INFOConnect is specifically targeted to Unisys users. Reflection 2008 connects Windows users to applications on IBM, HP, Unix and OpenVMS hosts. EXTRA! runs on IBM System z, IBM System i and Unix/Linux/OpenVMS (VT) systems. "Whatever host you are getting to we have a solution for, and all of those products have been logoed for Windows 7," says Lall.

In anticipation of the upcoming release of Windows 7, Attachmate has launched a Windows 7 resource web page to assist customers with determining which Attachmate solutions to deploy on the Windows 7 platform. "We want them to know that as they move to the new platform, they are going to be supported by Attachmate." After Windows Vista which did not gain strong traction in the enterprise, Microsoft wants to make sure that applications are Windows 7-compatible and that is why they focused on using the term Compatible with Windows 7, Lall explains. Microsoft worked very closely with Attachmate to make sure that the applications are not only supported on Windows 7 but leverage the new features as well, he adds.

For more information, visit the Attachmate Information Center for Windows 7.