Attachmate Streamlines Organizational Decision-Making with DATABridge 6.0

Attachmate Corporation has announced the availability of Attachmate DATABridge version 6.0, the latest release of its comprehensive extract, transform, load (ETL) solution for securely integrating Unisys MCP DMSII and non-DMSII data to a secondary system. DATABridge version 6.0 includes a new user interface, plus additional features and functionality to help organizations easily access and analyze mission-critical business information, in order to make informed decisions, while also conserving host resources.

With DATABridge version 6.0, production data can be easily integrated within a relational database such as Oracle DB2, Microsoft SQL Server, or other DMSII database located on an entirely different Unisys host system.

Accessing mission-critical information in real-time provides an important competitive edge in today's business environment, emphasizes Barbara Ballard, product manager for Unisys and Airlines products at Attachmate. "With DATABridge version 6.0, we continue to bring value to our Unisys customer base by providing solutions that help them cost-effectively integrate or even migrate legacy data into their existing enterprise architectures."

Key features and functionality of DATABridge version 6.0 include the ability to run the DATABridge client as a service or a daemon. "By being able to run as a service, people are able to interact with that service remotely," Ballard tells 5 Minute Briefing. "It is not only a Windows platform, but it also a Unix platform, so it runs as a service or a daemon," she notes.

The second key enhancement with the latest release, adds Ballard, is a new graphical user interface. The enhanced user interface via the client-side management console enables users to perform traditional data management tasks more efficiently, and adds the ability to get statistics in real time. "This is just a huge step up for us," Ballard emphasizes.

Finally, the multi-threaded client feature offered by version 6 significantly increases efficiency in processing data queries.

The new release represents "one of the most exciting steps we 've had in a long time just because of the way you interact with the entire product," states Ballard. DATABridge version 6.0 is available for purchase immediately.

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