Attachmate Unveils Luminet to Stop Insider Fraud; Provides Support for Unisys T27

Attachmate Corporation has introduced a new enterprise fraud management solution that is intended to take the guesswork out of application monitoring. According to Attachmate, the new solution, Luminet, reveals user activity within enterprise applications and transforms the data into actionable intelligence, enabling organizations to protect the privacy of mission-critical data, reduce internal fraud and ensure regulatory compliance.

Luminet currently supports Unisys T27 and Attachmate will be looking at expanding support to other platforms such as Unisys UTS in the future.

Insider fraud and failed audits caused by employees abusing privileges and access to confidential information continues to be a growing challenge for many industries including financial services, government and health care. These abuses result in lost business, damaged reputations and financial losses totaling billions of dollars. Trusted users are the hardest to monitor since they need access for legitimate activities that they are authorized to do, observes Michael Miller, director of business development and strategy for Attachmate. And, Miller points out, it is not simply privileged users' malicious activities that can cause problems for organizations but also employees who are not following prescribed procedures. To help organizations take control, Luminet answers the question definitely of who is doing what, when and where, he explains. It captures employee activity as well as the data needed to prevent fraud and demonstrate regulatory compliance, by assembling a complete history of user activity across enterprise applications - from the mainframe to the web.

With Luminet, fraud analysts and compliance auditors can see all user activity in real time, record and visually play back application screens, and analyze suspicious patterns within a full-featured case management system. Using passive network capture technology, Luminet captures all of the activity between the user and the enterprise application in real time. This enables fraud prevention and compliance teams to assemble a complete audit trail of user activity. And with a Google-like search capability, analysts can search, retrieve, and replay each screen and keystroke. Support for native application protocols allows fraud examiners and compliance auditors to immediately zero in on anomalous behavior and visually replay exactly what the end user was doing step by step. Customizable dashboards, reports and graphical link analysis tools allow users to analyze behavior patterns across application channels, by creating robust rules and alerts that respond to suspicious activity patterns in real time.

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