Attachmate Updates Unix File Transfer Management and Automation Tool

Attachmate Corporation announced the availability of the version 7.1 of Attachmate FileXpress Platform Server for UNIX, part of the Attachmate FileXpress family of products for the managed file transfer (MFT) software market. FileXpress Platform Server is the engine that powers the file transfer infrastructure and enables secure delivery of files of any size across all major platforms, including servers running Unix and Linux operating systems.

The latest version of FileXpress Platform Server for Unix offers enhancements engineered to simplify the creation, automation and administration of file transfers to and from Unix servers. “We’ve heard from customers that they want a robust, scalable solution that can easily handle a high volume of all types of file transfers ranging from large data files that are gigabytes in size down to small configuration files,” says Sam Morris, product marketing manager for Attachmate. “They want to feel confident that files transfers to and from UNIX servers are easy and reliable, in addition to saving time and reducing headaches. We have focused our enhancements on meeting these needs.”

FileXpress Platform Server supports exchanging files with IBM mainframes, the vendor says. With extended ASCII support for IBM mainframe file exchanges, users can accommodate a broader range of character translation requirements for files transferred to and from an IBM mainframe, allowing users to more effectively exchange text-based content between UNIX systems and IBM mainframe systems, allowing greater flexibility and support.

FileXpress Platform Server enables IT administrators can leverage existing user and group definitions to manage and execute FileXpress functions, thus focusing on simplifying file transfers rather than administering specialized user accounts. Additionally, with file distribution lists, users can send single or multiple files to several destinations using a single transfer command. FileXpress Platform Server for Unix 7.1 also introduces additional new filename tokens, reducing even further the number of file transfers that need to be defined and maintained.

FileXpress Platform Server also introduces multithreading support for event-driven file transfers, Attachmate says, enabling organizations to support a higher volume of file transfer activity as use scales upward.

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