AttackIQ Democratizes Easily Repeatable, Efficient Testing Missions

AttackIQ, a leading independent vendor of breach and attack simulation (BAS) solutions and a founding research partner of the MITRE Engenuity Center for Threat-Informed Defense (CTID), is debuting AttackIQ Mission Control, a new capability for enterprise customers engineered to streamline and improve AttackIQ Enterprise BAS deployments for large organizations.

Many larger enterprises are turning to BAS platforms to help test and secure their estates, yet doing this effectively across distributed departments, business units, and field offices is a growing challenge, according to AttackIQ. Due to the complexity of enterprises at larger sizes, the benefits obtained from BAS deployments are significantly slowed and hard to understand, ultimately failing to mitigate risks while overconsuming time and resources.

AttackIQ Mission Control aims to rectify this challenge by centralizing testing missions for security teams, allowing them to direct and orchestrate testing across distributed workforces from a single pane of glass. The Mission Control interface affords security teams the necessary customization and management capabilities to effectively test departments, business units, and geographic office locations with the click of a button, according to AttackIQ.

A key focus of Mission Control is to ease the process of BAS for those less technically inclined, ensuring that testing missions deliver simple, streamlined analytics available within test dashboards and reporting for increased ease of use and adoption pace.

“With the addition of AttackIQ Mission Control, we have improved the pace of continuous security validation by making the technology easier to use and administer,” said Carl Wright, CCO at AttackIQ. “Regardless of your experience and skill level, you can more rapidly leverage the benefits of continuous validation within your business unit, field office, or department. AttackIQ continues to lead change within the BAS industry by transforming how organizations can use continuous security validation to reduce risk and increase ROI on critical cybersecurity programs. Our goal is to democratize and simplify testing for everyone.”

AttackIQ Mission Control empowers teams to identify and remediate security gaps, as well as easily rerun assessments and track performance with the following functionalities:

  • Seamless, centralized administration that offers rapid, efficient creation of unique roles and testing assignments for users based on their mission objectives across decentralized teams
  • Role-based testing insights for users to view and analyze test results pertaining to their unique roles, delivering comprehensive analytics for performance by test point, tactic, and technique, further supported by an intuitive scoring system for continuous improvement
  • Accelerated testing workflows via easily repeatable assigned assessments, simplifying testing and improving workflow efficiency

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