AttackIQ Launches MSSP Partner Program for Creating Breach and Attack Simulation Experts

AttackIQ, the leading independent vendor of breach and attack simulation (BAS) solutions and founding research partner of MITRE Ingenuity Center for Threat-Informed Defense (CTID), is unveiling the AttackIQ MSSP Partner Program, a partner-centric initiative that allows MSSPs to become trusted advisors in breach and attack simulation, according to the company.

The new partner program from AttackIQ focuses on the democratization of two key technologies: AttackIQ Flex—an on-demand, agentless Test-as-a-Service model for simplifying testing and security metrics—and Ready!—a continuous security validation solution.

Underpinned by an intuitive MSSP partner portal, AttackIQ now enables its partners to bring   AttackIQ Flex and Ready! to market via a SaaS model structure. With a SaaS model engineered to reduce operational costs and increase profitability, the MSSP Partner Program empowers holistic control over end-customer testing, easing the management of a customers’ managed security service.

“We are committed to supporting our MSSP partners with a flexible solution that drives product-led growth and pre-sales motion,” said Rupen Shah, vice president of business development, channels and alliances at AttackIQ. “Harnessing the power of AttackIQ Flex and Ready! presents an enormous opportunity for MSSPs to democratize advanced cybersecurity control validation and close the gap left by ad hoc testing approaches for customers.”

Additionally, MSSP partners benefit from white-labeling, allowing them to integrate AttackIQ’s solutions with their existing or potential offerings. The partner program further offers marketing investment, lead generation solutions, and sales and technical training.

“Our new MSSP program puts partner profitability at its core, helping MSSP partners drive lower customer acquisition costs for new customers,” said Carl Wright, chief commercial officer at AttackIQ. “The program is a game-changer for MSSPs and their clients, offering much-needed peace of mind and actionable insights into security posture. This translates to knowing exactly how well security controls function against real-world threats.”

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