AttackIQ Ready! Boosts Security Posture and Program Performance Efficacy

AttackIQ, the Breach and Attack Simulation (BAS) solution vendor, is launching AttackIQ Ready!, a fully managed BAS that improves enterprise security posture and security program performance by employing years of advanced content and actionable reporting. By providing a single, accessible, and automated platform, AttackIQ streamlines continuous security validation program execution with real-time results and accelerated remediation.

According to the company, AttackIQ Ready! was born from the reality that security controls only stop threats 39% of the time, due in part to human error and misconfigurations, as well as security control degradation.

Addressing this security issue, AttackIQ Ready! provides concise reporting and analytics through weekly reports, monthly executive-focused reports, and insurance-focused reports to help organizations visualize the effectiveness of their security controls. With its simplified and immediate usability, Attack IQ Ready! situates security posture understanding at the forefront of enterprise information, while maximizing their security investments.

The solution’s continuous and automated testing leverages MITRE ATT&CK-aligned assignments drawn from the AttackIQ research library. The Attack IQ Adversary Research Team provides a new set of adversarial campaigns monthly, allowing organizations to test their unique security controls against a diverse selection of threats and adversaries.

“We know that automated testing provides a path to better security and business outcomes. With this announcement, we are making AttackIQ’s advanced testing capabilities available to a much broader section of the market,” said Carl Wright, chief commercial officer at AttackIQ. “Many organizations lack the resources to operationalize the MITRE ATT&CK framework or conduct red team assessments of their cyberdefenses. We are very excited to release AttackIQ Ready! to help teams of all sizes maximize return on investment and improve operational readiness.”

Once security controls have been tested, AttackIQ Ready! offers customized and simplistic remediation guidance to aid enterprise teams in rectifying security issues and closing performance gaps.

For organizations that have a dedicated security operations center or a SIEM structure, AttackIQ’s solution provides a detection engineering and testing option for responding to alerts and attacks.

Users of AttackIQ Ready! can additionally gain in-app analysis and insights regarding threats, as well as how to prepare for attacks within their defense posture.

“AttackIQ has helped companies from the Fortune 10 to Global 2000 elevate their security effectiveness, including JetBlue, Bupa, and the Department of Defense,” Wright continued. “This service will help companies hone security analyst and security operations team performance, find redundancies in security controls, validate security controls for insurers, decrease the impact of breaches, and much more. You can’t manage what you can't measure, and we look forward to helping organizations measure their defenses against the adversary.”

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