Attivio 5 Accelerates Self-Service Discovery for BI and Big Data Projects

Attivio, which calls itself the data dexterity company, is releasing Attivio 5, the next generation of its software platform.

This new solution aims to solve major issues for business intelligence by offering self-service data discovery acceleration capabilities.

With this release Attivio expects to accelerate business intelligence and big data projects by reducing the time it takes to profile, identify, and unify all relevant data for analysis, from weeks or months to minutes.

“We want to help companies get the data that they need to make decisions at scale and do it more comprehensibly through a self-service interface so they don’t need to hire technical resources,” said Stephen Baker, CEO of Attivio.

Attivio 5 enables data management professionals to automatically produce a comprehensive and enriched index of all information sources and content types residing anywhere in the enterprise ecosystem. 

In addition to this profiling capability, Attivio 5 also blends automation with manual intervention to enable data scientists, business analysts, and business intelligence leaders to identify and unify self-selected data tables from the universal index. 

The solution brings together traditional enterprise search with BI tools to quickly enable firms to profile and identify all their structured, semi-structured, and unstructured information, empowering users to act with certainty in their data-driven decisions.

By delivering a unique self-service capability, Attivio expects to dramatically reduce the time and effort of BI projects and to significantly speed time to insight. “It’s really this concept of data discovery acceleration really driving down the amount of time and the complexity associated with business intelligence projects,” Baker said.  “We do that by being able to tap into all of an enterprises content sources and repositories.”

CIOs and business analysts will benefit from Attivio 5, according to Baker, enabling them to find data on their own. “If you’re on the BI team, your entire goal is to provide knowledge and insight that helps everybody make better decisions more quickly and accurately by considering all the right information sources,” Baker said. “The time it takes from asking the question to getting the data can often be weeks or months. What you want to do is cut that down to hours or days.”

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