Attivio Active Intelligence Engine 4.2 Helps Non-Data Scientists Uncover Data Value

Attivio has released a new version of its Active Intelligence Engine (AIE) with enhancements to help help business users, developers and administrators do more with data and human-generated content. AIE 4.2 offers new user interfaces and role-based management enhancements.

“Working with data and extracting immediate value must become easier for the business user,” said Sid Probstein, CTO at Attivio. “The new enhancements to AIE 4.2 help data-driven companies quickly gain - and give - access to information in a simple, configurable and business-minded format.”  

With the addition of role-based management in AIE 4.2, AIE Business Center users can now assign roles and controls over various profiles, enabling businesses to expand the number of AIE business users but ensure only the right users modify profiles and publish changes that affect end users.

In addition, AIE 4.2 adds AIE Designer, a visual editor that allows developers and administrators to easily manage AIE through a familiar Eclipse-based user interface. Common AIE configuration, that previously was accomplished with command lines or using XML source code, is now achievable through AIE Designer.

 And finally with AIE 4.2, entity extraction – which provides insight into content and data to uncover relationships between disparate datasets – is fully managed and extended through a new admin interface, rather than involving a multi-step task that includes editing configuration files.

For more information, go to the AIE Datasheet