Attivio Releases Active Intelligence Engine 3.5 with Ontology Module and Event-Driven Visualization

Attivio has made available Version 3.5 of its Active Intelligence Engine, featuring a new ontology module and event-driven visualization capabilities that give analysts an instant understanding of what’s happening on large, multi-node systems. AIE 3.5 also includes expanded SQL support and automatic generation of thumbnail and preview images to enhance users’ ability to view and retrieve critical information.

Attivio’s Active Intelligence Engine 3.5 enables enterprises to unify information access across hundreds of information silos. “The Ontology Module allows you to apply the ontology to data that’s coming into your system and also lets you use it to influence queries that end users write,” Sid Probstein, CTO of Attivio, tells 5 Minute Briefing. Customers can better correlate, access, and analyze information by using existing ontologies as the foundation for advanced entity extraction and query expansion. “It supports discovery and enables very precise querying with context, which is one of the big weak spots of search,” Probstein explains.

AIE 3.5 eliminates the need to create separate databases for individual business applications. “The event-driven system management screen lets you unify all the information from however many different nodes you have of our product’s Active Intelligence Engine installed on,” Probstein adds. Enhanced systems and performance monitoring tools provide a unified view of all relevant metrics as AIE 3.5 executes workflows. Customizable graphical displays stream in real time and overlay upon each other to correlate events and system behavior, delivering insight to mission-critical environments.

Attivio Active Intelligence Engine 3.5 is available now. Visit to learn more.