Attivio Releases New Version of Data Search and Discovery Platform

Attivio has introduced Attivio 4.3, a single platform for search and discovery initiatives. Unlike other platforms that require heavy coding, point solutions, and IT involvement, the company says the new release is different because it makes it easy to deliver unlimited search and analytic applications from a single reusable platform.

Attivio 4.3 delivers new functionality and improvements that make it easier to build, deploy, and manage contextually relevant applications that enable insight. The result is that companies with structured and unstructured data in disparate silos will be able to gain faster access to all information or practical business uses.

Key features of the new release include ASAP (Attivio Search Application Platform), an intuitive user interface for non-technical users building search-based applications. “ASAP allows for users to be able to pull together data sources quickly and build a search application out of their entire search infrastructure,” explained Will Johnson, CTO at Attivio.

There is also SAIL (Search Analytics Interactive Layer) which offers more robust functionality and an enhanced user experience; a new machine-learning based entity extraction module that enriches content with higher accuracy and improved disambiguation, providing a smart alternative to managing entity dictionaries; simplified management to help  business users handle documents and manage settings in a code-free environment; and new designer tools that  provide users a simplified view through visual workflow and component editors to build custom processing logic in an integrated user interface.

For more information about Attivio 4.3, go here