Attivio Releases Open Source UI Toolkit for Development of AI-Powered Search Applications

Attivio, provider of an AI-powered cognitive search and insight platform, has launched SUIT, a framework for developing search applications.  SUIT (Search UI Toolkit) is integrated with Attivio’s machine learning-based search platform and with popular open source search engines, including Elasticsearch and Solr. An open source application, SUIT provides the components – search, authentication, content security, API integration, results visualization – required to create a search UI, helping IT to quickly respond to the growing demand for search.

IT departments in large companies are under pressure to satisfy demand for search-based applications, and face an extended time-to-market without tools to speed UI development, said Dorit Zilbershot, vice president for product for management and development at Attivio. Because SUIT is integrated with Attivio and with open source search platforms, only a UI person is needed on the application project, which means value can be delivered to the business more quickly and effectively, he added.

SUIT is itself an open source application, enabling developers throughout the open source community to build UIs using SUIT, and to contribute new features and improvement to it. This enables SUIT users to benefit from the cost-savings, time to market, creativity, and flexibility inherent to open source collaboration. According to Attivio, developers do not need to know Attivio, or Java or any language, other than REACT, a JavaScript library for building user interfaces, maintained by Facebook, Instagram and a community of individual developers and corporations.

SUIT is available for use immediately on GitHub.