Attivio Ships Unified Information Access Platform

Attivio announced the launch of an advanced unified information access platform that condenses information from existing BI and big data technologies into a single environment accessible to business end users. Attivio's Active Intelligence Engine (AIE) 3.0 is designed to support information access methods used across the enterprise and provide search queries and role-based dashboards for mainstream business users.

Big data technologies address sheer volume, but not the variety, velocity and complexity now referred to as extreme information, Mike Urbonas, director of product marketing at Attivio, tells 5 Minute Briefing. The platform integrates with existing data warehouse environments as well, Urbonas says. "AIE can index and ingest structured data whether from a data warehouse or production database tables," he points out. "A data warehouse is always preferable because there are fewer joins than in highly denormalized production databases, but both are fine."

AIE also integrates real-time with archived data, Urbonas adds. "It's important to note that AIE is schema-neutral and does not require relationships between any structured data or unstructured content to be defined prior to ingestion. AIE eliminates the need to build and constantly update a data model to join and present information. AIE ingests structured data on a table-by-table basis, retaining logical structure and data integrity, unlike other enterprise information management solutions that must flatten data tables in order to ingest them, losing key data relationships and diminishing the business value of that data."

AIE 3.0 offers an accessible and standards-based approach to analytics of any data access platform. Through its JDBC and newly announced ODBC drivers and full SQL support, AIE integrates with most BI tools, including Tableau, MicroStrategy, QlikView, Jaspersoft, Cognos, and Business Objects. "AIE gives each user comprehensive views of critical data and content on customers, products, and other key business performance metrics, using the access tool that best fits their business priorities and technical skills," says Urbonas.

Attivio AIE 3.0 provides SQL via ODBC and JDBC to add unstructured content and text analytics to any existing BI infrastructure, as well as an Active Dashboard Tookit for rapid creation of unified discovery-enabled analytic dashboards.

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