Attivio and Quant5 Bring Predictive Customer Analytics to the Cloud

Attivio, Inc, creator of  the Active Intelligence Engine (AIE) unified information access platform, and Quant5, Inc., a developer of marketing and sales analytics solutions, are partnering on an integrated suite of cloud-based predictive customer analytics solutions that offers fast deployment, integration, and machine-learning.

The partnership between Attivio and Quant5 developed organically through a shared belief that businesses and society alike, should benefit from the analysis of big data and big content, according to the vendors. “With Quant5, we are giving people the opportunity to see the power of prediction on various information in a very easy to consume cloud-based model,” said Sid Probstein, CTO, Attivio.

Quant5 combined with Attivio’s cloud-based, predictive customer analytics solutions can help customers and businesses by providing insight for activities such as lead and opportunity scoring, customer segmentation, targeted offers, product usage, and product relationships.

Attivio’s predictive Customer Analytics Suite seamlessly integrates with Salesforce, a provider of marketing automation software and web analytics, explained Probstein. Customers will benefit from accessing Quant5 technology through the Attivio version and, in time, the team hopes to create predictive analytics solutions deployed across the cloud and behind the firewall.

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