Attunity Answers Demand for Big Data Integration with Replicate Express

Attunity has introduced Attunity Replicate Express, a downloadable edition of its data replication and loading software. The solution, which answers a growing demand for more accessible real-time big data analytics, is freely available to download online.

The new solution supports ingesting data to and from Oracle, SQL Server, and Hadoop Data Lakes for test and development environments.

According to Attunity, when looking to take advantage of big data analytics companies often start with small, agile development teams and projects that expand in scope over time and eventually roll into production. Accordingly, they need solutions that support heterogeneous platforms and require less time, labor and expertise to implement relative to complex traditional ETL tools.

With this new, self-service, entry-level solution, Attunity can now be introduced into these widespread sandboxes (test environments) to power a broader range of firms and business units and become an integral part of new analytic solutions right from the start. As many of these nascent analytic projects eventually move from development to production, Attunity customers can seamlessly upgrade Replicate Express to support production workloads with a full license of Attunity Replicate.

 “We are excited about launching Attunity Replicate Express – a game changer which enables companies to dramatically shorten the time required to deploy new analytic services from multiple data sources,” explained Lawrence Schwartz, CMO at Attunity. “Supporting Oracle and SQL Server, the largest database markets with millions of users on premises and in the cloud, and the fast-growing Hadoop market, the solution helps firms to detect business trends, be proactive in decision making, and stay agile in ever-changing competitive landscapes.”

Download Attunity Replicate Express here.