Attunity Data Integration Now Supports the Google Cloud Platform

Attunity, a provider of data integration and big data management software solutions, is expanding its Attunity Data Integration platform to include comprehensive support for Google Cloud Platform (GCP), including Google Cloud Storage and Google Dataproc.

The expanded solution supports data movement from major enterprise databases and mainframes, as well as applications such as SAP, to accelerate cloud data lake adoption as well as analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) initiatives.

Attunity now accommodates these needs for GCP with its data integration platform that is designed to move data at the speed of change to advance business initiatives.

Attunity’s support for Google Cloud Platform enables companies to:

  • Deliver real-time data into Google Cloud – Using advanced log-based change data capture (CDC), Attunity natively unlocks enterprise systems to deliver data and metadata changes into Google Cloud in real time.
  • Automate the creation of analytics-ready Hadoop and Hive data sets – Attunity efficiently moves enterprise data into Google Cloud Storage and automatically creates the schema and structures in Google Dataproc to create and continuously update Operational Data Stores (ODS) and Historical Data Stores (HDS) – with no manual coding.
  • Rapidly deploy Google Big Query Data Warehouses – Attunity automates continuous data loading into Google Cloud Storage in formats optimized for direct access by Google Big Query.
  • Migrate or Replicate to Cloud SQL Databases – Attunity automates bulk data movement and continuous loading from on-premises databases, including mainframes, and applications such as SAP, to cloud-hosted databases including Google Cloud SQL.
  • Save time and budget on cloud development – Attunity’s universal and high-performance data integration and ingestion solution reduces the traditional time-intensive manual development efforts typically required for moving data and creating analytics-ready cloud repositories.

 “With the expanded offering of Attunity’s data integration solution now available on GCP, we are strengthening our collaboration with Google Cloud and empowering enterprises to easily and quickly migrate data to GCP for more timely cloud analytics,” said Itamar Ankorion, Chief Marketing Officer at Attunity. “Our solutions for Google Cloud, supporting a wide range of data sources, help our customers reap the benefits of public cloud deployments, enable real-time analytics and allow businesses to enhance operational efficiencies.”

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