Attunity Enhances Comprehensive CDC and Data Replication Suite for Microsoft SSIS

Attunity Ltd., a provider of real-time data integration and event capture software, announced major enhancements to its CDC Suite for SSIS, providing a comprehensive solution for replicating data in real-time across a wide range of heterogeneous data sources at an affordable price point. The product suite is used by customers worldwide to enable real-time business intelligence (BI) and designed to improve business operations and reduce costs.

In support of heterogeneous replication, with this release, CDC Suite for SSIS doubles the number of supported data sources to over 10,. This release also introduces "zero footprint" replication for SQL Server, Oracle and DB2 (on Linux, UNIX, Windows). The release also provides enhanced Management Dashboard and Notification Services, enhanced performance for Oracle CDC with approximately 40% throughput improvements, and simplified and automated replication for non-relational data sources (e.g., VSAM, IMS, RMS).

With this comprehensive solution integrated with SQL Server, Attunity enables large and medium-sized organizations to make timely information available for improving operations and decision support. With Attunity products, organizations can build operational data stores (ODS) and enable real-time BI using heterogeneous and real-time replication with low impact on their business systems, while leveraging existing licenses and expertise in SQL Server for lowering total cost of ownership.

"Real-time business information has become critical to many industries and we are seeing the growth in related technology investments made by business organizations worldwide," states Shimon Alon, Attunity's chairman and CEO. "We will continue to deliver leading real-time solutions for the large SQL Server market, leveraging our strategic relationship with Microsoft, and helping more and more customers to benefit from the value of real-time information."

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