Attunity Enhances Data Governance for On-Prem and Cloud Data Lakes

Attunity, a provider of data integration and big data management software solutions, is improving the data governance capabilities in its data integration platform to support organizations moving data to clouds and data lakes.

Attunity's enhanced metadata and data lineage capabilities are designed to help users understand what the source of the data is, and highlight any modifications or transformations within the Attunity platform that have been applied.

The enhanced capabilities, which now include a unified repository for Attunity-sourced data and metadata, are designed to enable interoperability with third-party metadata repositories to support enterprise-class data governance, compliance, and data management.

The Attunity platform manages and monitors data replication and integration to improve productivity, performance, and security, and, as Attunity moves and transforms data in the pipeline, it provides a complete view of data sources, targets and all metadata changes.

The capabilities have been certified on Apache Atlas and Hortonworks DataPlane, with planned support for other platforms expected later in 2018.

Attunity is also working with the leaders of the Open Data Platform initiative (known as ODPi) to promote the emerging metadata interoperability standard in the industry and encourage other business leaders to become involved. To support this initiative, the Attunity platform is expected to be fully integrated with ODPi later in the year.

With these capabilities, Attunity is solving one of the main issues associated data lakes and cloud repositories by delivering both the data and the necessary metadata insights, said Dan Potter, VP, product management and marketing at Attunity. Because the enhancements allow data scientists and business users to understand where the data came from and how it may have been modified in a single view, businesses will be able to act more confidently and with greater agility, he added.

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