Attunity Expands Big Data Management Platform to Support PostgreSQL

Attunity Ltd., a provider of data management software solutions, has introduced the latest version of its data replication and loading solution. Designed to accelerate enterprise big data analytics initiatives, Attunity Replicate 5.0 automates big data movement to, from and between databases, data warehouses, Hadoop and the cloud, reducing the time and labor, and ultimately the cost of making big data analytics available in real time.

The latest release now supports the open-source database PostgreSQL, and includes several UI enhancements, will be unveiled live this week at two concurrent events - Oracle OpenWorld, Booth #2140, from October 26-28 in San Francisco, and PASS Summit Conference, Booth #713, from October 27-29 in Seattle.

The new support is a recognition that the market for open source database platforms continues to grow, states Attunity, which citing industry forecasts that more than 70% of new in-house applications will be developed on open source databases by 2018, and that 50% of existing commercial relational database instances will have been converted, or are in the process of being converted, to open source databases.

PostgreSQL, often termed simply Postgres, is a free, open-source and object-relational database management system (ORDBMS) with an emphasis on extensibility and standards-based compliance.

"Customers are looking for solutions to feed data for analytics that can be deployed quickly and with minimal effort. Attunity has been rising to meet this demand, most recently with our announcement of Attunity Replicate Express for Oracle, SQL Server and Hadoop, and now with support for PostgreSQL - one of the most advanced open system platforms used in enterprises today," explained Lawrence Schwartz, Chief Marketing Officer at Attunity. "PostgreSQL brings not only the advantages of easy accessibility and a strong community, but also a level of functionality that is rich enough to suit a wide variety of user deployments. Together with Attunity Replicate 5.0, customers can glean better insights and a competitive edge faster and more efficiently than ever before."

With Attunity Replicate 5.0, organizations can achieve faster time-to-value for Big Data projects and capitalize on larger amounts of data economically.

Key features, in addition to several UI enhancements, include high-performance data replication and loading with in-memory streaming and optimized delivery; robust and flexible data movement, including full and incremental loading [using change data capture (CDC)]; drag & drop design without any coding or scripting - saving valuable IT time and resources; web-based dashboard for monitoring data movement performance metrics; broad support for market-leading databases, data warehouses, Hadoop and the cloud.