Attunity Expands Big Data Solution to Support MongoDB

Attunity Ltd., a provider of information availability software solutions, has introduced Attunity Replicate for MongoDB. The solution extends its capability to automate and accelerate data loading and replication between databases, data warehouses, Hadoop and MongoDB. According to Lawrence Schwartz, chief marketing officer at Attunity, new NoSQL integrations will be added in the future as well.

The new solution which represents Attunity’s first foray into the NoSQL market, will enable customers to capitalize on broader sets of data that were previously not integrated into their enterprise data stores, noted Lawrence Schwartz, chief marketing officer of Attunity. Additionally, in environments where MongoDB is part of a larger enterprise data warehouse ecosystem, the solution can help organizations integrate MongoDB data and other relational data into the EDW or Hadoop repository to support comprehensive analytics.

Typical use cases for the new solution include providing 360-degree views of customer data from multiple data systems, supporting advanced analytics for MongoDB by leveraging Hadoop, and the ability to leverage new information sources through existing enterprise software and systems.

In addition, the solution provides change data capture as well as automated data modeling, enabling users to ingest and extract data into and out of the platform with near universal connectivity. The change data capture, which enables data to be maintained in near real time, represents a new capability for the space, noted Schwartz. Included with this is support for all of the leading databases, enterprise data warehouses (EDWs), Hadoop, and the cloud.

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