Attunity Expands Partnership with Open Text

Attunity Ltd., a provider of real-time data integration and event capture software, is expanding its partnership with Open Text Corporation, an enterprise software company. Through the partnership, Open Text will market advanced data connectivity solutions, including legacy decommissioning, data lifecycle management and real-time data warehousing, which will leverage Attunity's legacy data connectivity and low-impact change data capture (CDC) technology.

"While Open Text is a provider of data integration software, they are a worldwide leader in content management," Itamar Ankorion, director of marketing and business development, Attunity, tells 5 Minute Briefing. This announcement is focused on extending the scope of Attunity's relationship with Open Text so it can apply Attunity's technology to more types of solutions that they offer to their customers, he adds. While in the past the partnership was mainly around making ETL much more efficient, for the purposes of data warehousing, "now we have extended this to three types of solutions, one of them still being real-time data warehousing, which is where our relationship has been focused so far, but we have added to that two types of solutions, which Open Text will market to customers."

In particular, he notes, the extension of the partnership to provide legacy decommissioning is significant to the Open Text customer base because it can help them to decommission their systems, "primarily mainframe and older environments" while they sustain and maintain the data using the Open Text content management capabilities, says Ankorion. "The legacy decommissioning is all about helping customers move to and adopt new systems while reducing the maintenance costs of the legacy applications and being able to maintain the data for future purposes and regulatory requirements," notes Ankorion.

Additionally, through this expanded partnership, Open Text will provide data lifecycle management, enabling organizations to increase the value of their corporate data by transforming and delivering it to business users, extending the lifecycle of their data by connecting to active mainframe systems and providing CDC for operational data archive processes.

The partnership continues to support real-rime data warehousing, enabling organizations to leverage CDC for efficient and frequent loading or replication to understand the history of data.

These solutions leverage the seamless integration of Open Text Integration Center with Attunity Stream low-impact and real-time CDC technology as well as Attunity Connect data access software, available for many data sources, relational and non-relational, on platforms ranging from Windows to the mainframe.

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