Attunity Gold Client Suite Achieves Certified Integration with SAP ERP Running on HANA

Attunity Ltd., a provider of information availability software solutions, announced today that Attunity Gold Client Solutions 8 has achieved certified integration with the SAP ERP 6.0 application running on the SAP HANA platform.

The Gold Client Solutions Suite was developed by Hayes Technology Group, which was acquired by Attunity in December 2013. The certification validates that the solution has passed SAP’s formalized testing process and been proven to integrate with the latest release of SAP ERP running on SAP HANA.

Addressing Data Replication and Test Data Management Challenges

Solving data replication and test data management challenges is Attunity’s strength and the company has deep experience in helping organizations load and sync big data sets across all the major platforms, according to Matt Hayes, vice president of SAP Business at Attunity. Gold Client Solutions 8 can facilitate the decision to adopt SAP HANA by enabling enterprises to easily select, protect and copy a reduced and relevant data set to SAP HANA for proof of concept (POC) evaluations, in their data center or in the cloud. Once organizations are ready to fully use SAP HANA, the solution helps enable a quick and secure migration and synchronization of data across SAP applications that are running on SAP HANA.

Attunity Helps SAP Customer Eby-Brown Complete HANA POC

Last year, a project for Eby-Brown was completed in which Gold Client Solutions was instrumental in helping the company move a subset of data to HANA in order to complete a POC, explained Hayes. “That project shaped our vision for HANA and showed us our immediate value-add to SAP and to HANA.”

As an SAP shop, Eby-Brown was eager to move forward with SAP HANA, but wanted to ensure that it would able to migrate data quickly and efficiently. With Gold Client Solutions, Eby-Brown was able to target specific data in SAP ERP, and load it into SAP HANA in just a few hours. This enabled the company to complete its POC within the time and database size demands.

The Business Case for Moving to SAP HANA

“HANA obviously has tremendous value; it is a fantastic database with a new concept; it is all in-memory, very performance-driven and focused, but from a business side, when you are looking at the investment in HANA, you have to really think about what it means for your business,” said Hayes.

The certification is important because getting SAP customers on HANA is SAP’s top priority. HANA is the most important technological objective to SAP right now and it is leading customer down that path, but leading them in that direction and getting customer adoption are two different things, Hayes noted.

“A lot of SAP customers have gone down that path for BW because faster reporting enables better mobility applications and enables better analytics; it is a great enabler of business intelligence. But when they get to the ECC side (Enterprise Central Component), what is the real value? The project with Eby-Brown had to focus on that. They had to narrow into some key testing objectives in order to justify the business case for ECC and HANA – and for them, the biggest one was MRP (manufacturing resource planning).

In deciding what data to move into HANA, the one business issue that kept coming up was MRP - which took 6 or 7 hours to run in production daily. If MRP went from hours down to minutes, they could justify making adjustments in their production schedule multiple times a day as opposed to just setting the production schedule daily, so they saw tremendous business value-add there, explained Hayes. “That is the kind of story SAP customers need to tell themselves case by case in order to move to HANA. Just because it is faster is not the answer. If it is going to be faster, where are you going to leverage it, where is it going to be important, where is it going to impact your business.”