Attunity Introduces Operational Data Replication for SQL Server Integration Services

Attunity, a provider of real-time data integration and event capture software, has introduced a suite of Operational Data Replication (ODR) solutions integrated with Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) which is designed to enable customers to replicate data in real-time across a set of heterogeneous data sources at an affordable price point. The solutions are designed to enhance business intelligence, improve business operations, and reduce total costs.

Enabling real-time business intelligence capabilities requires the ability to replicate data across heterogeneous data sources in an efficient, real-time, and cost-effective manner. Yet to date, according to Attunity, achieving that involved either costly homegrown solutions, or the purchase of enterprise data replication software packages that are often expensive and potentially address needs that may exceed those required for operational business intelligence. Alternatively, the Attunity suite of data replication/change data capture products for SSIS now provides operational data replication solutions that support operational/real-time business intelligence requirements with significant cost savings in hardware, software licenses, and implementation services.

Attunity is a Microsoft SQL Server partner and a leading independent provider of low-impact change data capture (CDC) technology that enables capturing and processing only the changes made to heterogeneous enterprise data sources, relational and non-relational, on platforms ranging from Windows to the mainframe. Earlier this year, Attunity introduced the Attunity Oracle-CDC for SSIS, a data replication solution that enables the real-time integration of Oracle data and is tightly integrated with SSIS. Attunity is now extending this product into a suite that supports many heterogeneous sources, including a new release of Oracle-CDC for SSIS, IBM DB2-CDC for SSIS (on z/OS & iSeries systems), and HP NonStop SQL/MP-CDC for SSIS.

"These new change data capture solutions for SSIS enable the real-time acquisition and processing of data by SSIS to both heterogeneous sources and targets," Itamar Ankorian, director of marketing and business development for Attunity, tells 5 Minute. "Now, Oracle, IBM DB2, and HP NonStop databases can be accessed by SSIS for data integration purposes, and the results can be sent to any of these same platforms as data targets, as well as being sent to SQL Server databases. This technology from Attunity augments SSIS and enables it to be a truly heterogeneous data integration solution for operational business intelligence."

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