Attunity Introduces 'Operational Data Replication' to Boost Real-time BI

Attunity Ltd., a provider of real-time data integration and event data capture software, introduced a set of solutions based on a new concept coined ‘Operational Data Replication' (ODR), designed to enable the large market of Oracle customers to replicate data in real-time to and from Oracle databases, at an affordable price point. The solutions, designed to enhance business intelligence (BI), improve business operations and reduce total costs, were presented at last week's Oracle Open World conference.

"We've been doing real-time data integration and event capture for a long time," Itamar Ankorion, director of marketing and business development for Attunity, tells 5 Minute Briefing. "Event data capture is all about capturing identifying all of the changes made to databases. We have a truly heterogeneous platform for change data capture, and we've extended it into operational data replication."

Attunity is now offering several ODR solutions that Oracle customers, Ankorion states. A standalone offering consists of an end-to-end ODR application for replicating data across heterogeneous data sources. The second solution is an ODR solution that is integrated with existing DBMS investments, specifically with SQL Server. Third, Attunity is offering an event-driven ODR based on capturing database change events leveraging Event Data Capture (EDC) technology and existing Application Integration or service oriented architecture (SOA) middleware.

These solutions support Oracle as a source of operational data or as a target hosting data for business intelligence. The options are intended to help customers design solutions that enable initiatives such as operational business intelligence, efficient/real-time data warehousing, or propagate changes to ensure consistency across heterogeneous applications.

"The need came from two things-the first is the fast-growing amounts of data," Ankorion says. "The second one is that everybody wants and expects to get information faster. Of course, this creates challenges. Because the vast amounts of data make it difficult to move the data around, make it available in time. This is what EDC and ODR helps accomplish. It allows us to offload data, and make it available-either in a data warehouse, or in a reporting database."

Using real-time information in business intelligence and operations is crucial in order to compete effectively and set organizations apart in their ability to serve customers, optimize operations, and ultimately improve margins, Ankorion relates. In many cases, doing so requires replicating operational data, and making up-to-the-minute information accessible for employees, customers, and partners.

For more information, visit the Attunity website.