Attunity Launches New Big Data Management Platform for Information Flow

Attunity Ltd., a provider of information availability software solutions, has released Attunity Maestro, a unified data management platform designed to help organizations increase productivity by automating the process of composing, conducting and monitoring information flow for big data initiatives.

"Global organizations implementing Big Data initiatives are increasingly challenged with managing and monitoring their most precious and fastest growing asset—their data," said Shimon Alon, chairman and CEO at Attunity. "With Attunity Maestro, we are pleased to address this critical need head-on and help organizations to better manage the flow of information throughout their globally-distributed enterprises. We believe that Attunity Maestro will become a strategic driver for our future growth and expand our addressable markets, immediately providing us with a competitive advantage."

Supporting global data centers and cloud environments, Attunity says Maestro accelerates and coordinates data transmission and deployment processes of big data and large-file assets. The solution is meant to be used by IT operations, lines of business and risk management teams, and provide controls for defining, executing, managing and auditing transaction and automation initiatives. Attunity expects that common uses will include processes such as data distribution to remote locations, data consolidation for central analytics, enterprise-wide content management and sharing, and multi-stage content deployment.

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