Attunity Opens Global Data to Real-Time Analytics

Attunity Ltd., a provider of information availability software solutions, has released a new version of its data replication software intended to address requirements for big data analytics, business intelligence, business continuity and disaster recovery initiatives. The solution, Attunity Replicate 3.0, is engineered to provide secure data transfer over long distances such as wide area networks (WANs), the cloud and satellite connections.

“Attunity Replicate focuses on the movement of big data, particularly between databases and data warehouses -- whether it is loading or keeping things up in real time with change data capture,” said Lawrence Schwartz, vice president of marketing at Attunity, in an interview. “It has been deployed in all sorts of circumstances – large and small. But, as we have grown the business, we have seen additional use cases.”

Increasingly, says Schwartz, Attunity has seen more and more demand from customers who need to access data at remote sites or in the cloud. Based on technology with advanced resiliency and three level of security, Attunity Replicate 3.0 offers a WAN transfer engine that optimizes transfer speeds when target databases are located off premise. This high security and performance is especially important when using a low-bandwidth network or replicating over long distances including to/from the cloud or over satellite connections.

Another new feature is support for more platforms. The new release leverages native utilities and APIs to guarantee fast, optimized and secured data capture and load for new targets including SAP Sybase IQ, HP Vertica, and Microsoft SQL Server Parallel Data Warehouse (PDW). In addition SAP Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE) is now supported as both a source and target. ”Now we have a wider range of targets, as well as sources that we can pull from,” says Schwartz.

 Attunity Replicate is also improving its capabilities for disaster recovery and migration. “Our platform is often used for remote monitoring or moving data into a database or data warehouse for analysis,” notes Schwartz. “We have gotten requests for bidirectional support so customers can engage in more disaster recovery and business continuity solutions and so that is the third leg of the announcement.”

These new capabilities leverage new technology that Attunity has gained through acquisitions over the past two years that have focused on managed file transfers over large distances, Schwartz notes. “We have taken a lot of that technology and brought it into the main line so we can get farther distances and we can even get extended distances all the way out into RedShift and Amazon as well. This opens the door for a lot more use cases for us.”

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