Attunity Releases its Platform on Kafka to Provide Users with Automated Big Data Streaming

Attunity Ltd, provider of big data management software solutions, is extending its platform to Apache Kafka , providing users with real-time big data streaming.

Attunity Replicate's direct integration into Kakfa, an open source, real-time scalable data streaming platform, eliminates the need for manual configuration and scripting when replicating a large number of application and data feeds from heterogeneous source systems.

By leveraging this flexible interface, Attunity Replicate can now pipe data from thousands of applications to both existing platforms as well as rapidly growing NoSQL options such as HBASE and Cassandra. 

With this capability, enterprises can make all their data available to the entire global organization in a timely manner for enhanced analytics.

"The global rate of Kafka adoption is skyrocketing as enterprises embrace stream processing for big data," said Jabari Norton, vice president of business development at Confluent, the company founded by the creators of Apache Kafka. "Attunity is an important partner for both Confluent and the broader Kafka community. Their technology simplifies integration with Kafka, enabling customers to more quickly derive greater business value from their data with less effort."

By using Attunity Replicate for Kafka, organizations stream high volume, low latency source data and real-time changes into Kafka, eliminate the need for manually configuring and scripting data feeds from heterogeneous systems, feed multiple traditional as well as emerging targets, leverage Replicate's Web-based dashboard to monitor data movement performance metrics and enjoy broad support for all the leading databases and data warehouses in the marke.

"We are excited about the opportunity that Attunity Replicate for Kafka poses for enterprises looking to scale their Big Data architectures," said Lawrence Schwartz, chief marketing officer at Attunity. "Our customers asked us to add Kafka support so they could both scale their systems and support new platforms. This enhanced platform helps our customers take their Big Data analytics to the next level."

The Attunity solution will be unveiled and demonstrated live this week at Strata + Hadoop World, Booth 1517, from March 29-31 in San Jose, CA.

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