Attunity Replicate Now Offers High Performance Data Loading and Extraction for Hadoop

Attunity has announced Replicate 4.0, the latest version of its data replication software to ensure the availability of data for business operations and business intelligence needs. Replicate 4.0 provides high-performance data loading and extraction for Apache Hadoop with optimized process and APIs, and has been certified with the Hortonworks and Cloudera Hadoop distributions.

 “Hadoop is a very powerful tool, but one of the challenges it has had to overcome is complexity,” said Lawrence Schwartz, vice president of marketing at Attunity.  As a result, he said, much of the activity over the past year has been focused on improving ease of use with the addition of Apache Hive (which enables data to be queried using a SQL-like language) and other interfaces as well, but one of the remaining challenges is around moving data in about of Hadoop.

Apache Sqoop is designed for transferring bulk data between Apache Hadoop and structured data repositories, but the problem with that, Schwartz said is that it transfers data in bulk,  is command-line-driven, and it doesn’t work with all of the modern databases and data warehouses. With Replicate,  he said, Attunity provides a solution that has been proven in the market and offers three distinct advantages.

First, it makes the data movement very easy to set up and monitor. “One thing that has been a hallmark of Replicate is speed; with a couple of steps you can get going with even some of the more complex data warehouses and databases. There is a nice GUI and we have brought that technology over to Hadoop,” said Schwartz.

Second, he said, the other tools that exist to move data into Hadoop tend to be batch-oriented and while Replicate supports that, it can also support continuously moving data to support a real-time approach.

And third, he said, Attunity has “a great support matrix” for supporting “everything from SQL Server to Teradata to Vertica” - and other modern databases and data warehouses, making it easy to plug a Hadoop architecture into an existing data environment.

Additional key features of Replicate include drag-and-drop configuration for setting up data movement without any coding or scripting; and options for moving data, including full loads, reloads, appends, and incremental.

Attunity will also be at booth 361 at the Strata + Hadoop World conference this week at the Javits Center in NYC.

In addition, Lawrence Schwartz will be presenting a session titled “Big Data, The Elephant and the Bear” on Friday, Oct. 16, at 1 pm at the conference.

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